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Discussion in 'Todays Battlegrounds' started by Pamela Jo, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Pamela Jo

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    Hope Lodge in Fort Washington, PA, has been temporarily closed, due to PA cutbacks in funding.
    During the six-week period prior to encamping at Valley Forge, the Continental Army camped on the grounds at Hope Lodge, following the Battle of Germantown. During the encampment, the house was used as headquarters by George Washington's Surgeon General, John Cochran. The barn on the property was used as a hospital.

    There will be a public meeting to address the future of Hope Lodge at 7pm on Wednesday, January 20, 2010. The meeting will be held at the First Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem Pike & East Mill Road in Flourtown, PA. For more info, visit the Hope Lodge website:


    Pamela Jo
  2. Rev-War

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    Unfortunately, this is just one of many sites closing due to budget woes.
  3. Pamela Jo

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    It's always a sad situation when historic sites are closed due to budget cuts. The most frustrating thing here in PA, is that there seems to be extensive funding available for casinos and such. However, our leader in Harrisburg, who calls himself the "Education Governor", seems to be doing everything possible to close access to so many "educational" sites...libraries, parks, museums, and even cutting funds to PBS stations across the State of PA. Gee, I guess there must be much education to be found in casinos and resorts. ??? The good news is that 2010 is a big election year here...the Governor's Seat is up for grabs. I sure hope we have at least one candidate to vote for who really does care about education and prefers to aid the sites which this administration has cut off! I am not usually so politically opinionated, but I can't wait until November! I plan to be first in line at the polls on Election Day!

    Pamela Jo
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    I agree with the sentiment, of course, but you have to remember that the casinos are not being funded by public dollars. Those are private, for-profit ventures that generate tax revenue, while the Hope Lodge is a state-owned and state-funded entity. Like I said, I really appreciate your sentiments on this, but let's be fair about it....

  5. Pamela Jo

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    You are quite correct. I believe PA taxes casino owners with some of the highest fees in the country. My issue with that whole thing is that the revenue generated from the casinos has been earmarked to be used for select, "special projects" which will benefit only a few. That's the latest report which I've read. Surely some of that revenue could be used to fund and re-open at least a few of the sites which have been shut down by budget cuts. I have not read or heard any reports indicating that will be the case. The "special projects" issue was the primary reason many politicians voted against adding gaming tables to casinos. The bill did pass, but again, the designated plan for the revenue was of great concern to nearly everyone. Just wanted to clarify my position. I will say, it seems that the budget cuts have incited more interest in local history...that's not bad at all. I'm hoping that "Friends" groups will grow in numbers b/c of publicity. Hope remains strong, in any case.

    Pamela Jo
  6. Uncle Ben

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    How did the meeting go?? Is there a "Friends" organization to apply to run Hope Lodge? Maybe the state
    will allow such groups to take over these sites.
    Uncle Ben

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