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    Well I hope you are, I am more aware of ww2 history but through genealogy research have started to be more involved in ww1. I have relatives who died in ww1 and others who served and survived - as most of us must have since so many were called up, or volunteered.
    My Grandfather saw his brother's ship the Gaillardia sunk with all hands. My Grandmother's brother was killed in France. She never forgave him - he was the company clerk and didn't have to go to the trenches that day. I hope through this site to find out more about where they were - what went on and why? Interesting photo's have come to light eg my other Grandfather on a Camel, and one with an African in a fez, ww1? or before?

    Lesley Taylor of Newbury Berks uk
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    Hi Lesley !

    We're all kinds of "buffs" here ... I hope you enjoy browsing around !! :)

    As I said before shout if we can help you try and find something !

    Annie :)

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