Hey! Soldier - Letters to WWII Army veteran George F Lutz 1942

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    I wanted to take a few moments to share with everyone what I think is a unique find from World War II. When my Grandfather passed away we found a shoebox of letters that were written TO him while he was stationed at Camp Wheeler Georgia in 1942. I often time read letters home from soldiers, but rarely find letters that were written TO veterans. I have begun transcribing them and would appreciate any feedback that can be given.

    Hey! Soldier - Introduction - Letters To George Lutz: A World War II Soldier

    When viewed in order, they tell the story of life during WWII from the perspective of the family and friends that were left behind during the war effort. You can flip forward and backwards though time with the navigation section of each page. There are roughly 20 letters currently transcribed, and i believe around 80 to 100 letters total by the time I'm done. Our family is also working to narrate each of the letters. Each of George's grand children are working as the different letter writers.

    Please let me know what you think!

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