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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Riggy, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Riggy

    Riggy Member

    Made a few posts before my introduction but oh well. Eighteen year old from Ireland here. I absolutely adore learning about the Second World War and love to watch and read any movies or books on it. If you've any movie or TV series recommendations let me know as I'm sure I'll be interested! Also love to have a general chat too.
  2. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Well hey there, Riggy... welcome to the forum! Your avatar makes me smile... always looking for that pot of gold, eh? :)

    How are things in Ireland today? I don't really have movie or book recommendations about WWII itself... I'm more into the American Civil War era. There ARE a few holocaust books and movies I've enjoyed, but I assume that's not the part of the war that you mean.

    I'm sure someone will come along and have some suggestions. Actually if you look through past threads, I think there may be one on movie recommendations.
  3. Diptangshu

    Diptangshu Active Member

    Most welcome aboard Riggy .
  4. Riggy

    Riggy Member

    Honestly, any part of the War fascinates me. There's not a single part of it that I won't want to read up on or know more bout. From when it started, machine/weapon production, invasion or battle plans... honestly anything is good for me!

    Also thanks for the comment on the avatar :D I like to go along with Irish stereotypes because to be honest, they're hilarious!
  5. wulfman

    wulfman Member

    Welcome to the forum Riggy !
  6. Riggy

    Riggy Member

    Thanks! Random guess, but are you French? French people always seem to leave a space before the exclamation mark :D
  7. preacherbob50

    preacherbob50 Active Member

    Hey ya'll. I did the same as Riggy, and threw a couple of posts in before I realized I had not gone into the intro yet. I'm a Vietnam vet and for the most part I'm home again. I arrived in country in 1968 with an MOS as an aircraft electrician, but the assault helicopter company I was sent to didn't need electricians as much as they needed door gunners. The Army spent a bunch of time and money for my training not to be what I was trained for. But, (I'm attempting to think like an officer) there's an 82nd airborne patch on his shoulder so he doesn't hardly need any training to fly around and shoot at folks with black pajamas on, and he's no male model so getting shot will probably be an improvement. So I traded in my soldiering iron for an M- 60 and later came the 50s. Obviously I lived through tet, although there's are some who would argue the point. Hence, this forum. I really do love the military and I mean all military. Particularly the American military and the history of same, but the Romans had a great one, Alexander had one and the list goes on. Thanks for the op to join in.
  8. Riggy

    Riggy Member

    Dude, you should make your own introduction thread! Not because this is mine or anything stupid like that but with a history like that on your hands it would be awesome for people to see this and they may have questions for you! There's so much you can talk about. You gotta let people know about yourself.
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