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    I'm trying to find out what my great grandfather was in during the war. I have a picture of him taken about 1918 in his uniform. His name is Arthur William Griffin and he was born 15 March 1890 in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire. He got married in 1918 and his occupation is given as Farm Labourer.



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  2. griff20

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    Thought it would be best if I put on a bigger image.

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    He's in the Army Service Corps and would have served overseas from about mid -1915. Best candidate would be T3/030560 Driver Arthur Griffin, ASC, who went overseas in Sept 1915.
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    Thanks Fritz,

    It does look like ASC although the person you quoted isn't him as the parents names don't match.
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    Hi Griff,

    Did he survive the war? He is for sure ASC. Have you tried the burnt records at Kew to see if his military records survived the blitz?


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