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    I am very much a WW1 begin, and also first time i have joined a forum. I am hoping for some help with my grandads war record. In particular the Canterbury Infantry Battalion NZEF. I have been very lucky in being able to download a copy of his war record and have dates were he is described as "in the field " and i would like to find out where he may have been. I also know at one point he was detached to the 3rd Canadian tunneling company. I would like to find out more about them.
    Anyway hope to find out more


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    Hello and Welcome to Militarian forum. I hope you enjoy being here and find everyone really helpful and friendly.
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    Hey there,
    welcome and congrats on finding this place. Please tell more history and war buffs about us!
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    Hello and welcome to Militarian!
    Please contribute to everyone by sharing your knowledge, you may also find helpful information that other members have contributed.
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    Hello and welcome. In regards to your question, I would suggest browsing through the many WWI threads available on this forum. There's a lot of information available, as well as few databases posted that should make your search much easier. Hopefully you find what your looking for.

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