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    Hi my name is Branson Stallter I live in Cincinnati,Oh and i am 28 years old. Since sophmore year of high school I have had a passion for WW2, imbedded by a great teacher. Since then I have read many books on the war, lately I have grown an interest in writing on the war. I am researching for a book on the contribution women gave to the war effort. Women of that generation worked in the factories,armories,hospitals,and many other areas. If you have loved ones that worked during the war I would love to hear from you. Thanks-Branson
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    Welcome to the forum Branson. Not sure if any of my family helped with the war effort, not on the female side anyway. I think they were busy bringing up their children. Its certainly an interesting side to the war with many good books on the market. I wish you every bit of luck with your writing and hope to see it in print someday. What name are you writing under so i can keep an eye out for it?

  3. bstallter

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    Thank you I will use my name Branson Stallter.
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    Hi Branson,

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your research and the publishing of your book.


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    Welcome, a good project to do, the women of the war years did so much of the work building so much and as we know this freed up many men for the fighting.

    My Grandmother (London) worked in a armament's factory. She apparently was awarded a scroll of some sort as she discovered that the grenades that were being produced that particular day were not up to scratch (I do not know what the problem was). Thus preventing dodgy grenades from being sent to the troops.
    This was one of mums family's war time stories told when I was young.
  6. bstallter

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    Thank you I would love to hear about your grandmother more, Would you be interested in sharing emails?
  7. Cobber

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    Sorry mate, that is the only story I know about in regards to the armaments factory. I know a couple of other stories about air raids and gran not leaving the house till she finished her cuppa and the odd near miss however millions had the same or very similar experiences with air raids. So not much else to say.
    Thanks for the interest.
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    welcome to the forum Branson. Lot of books out there on the women in the war you can start your research with. My grandmother and her elder sister worked in Radway Green Royal Ordnance Factory in cheshire [still going], however beyond their train being diverted into the Harecastle Tunnels along with 8 or so others to avoid the regular air raids, i do knot know any more, as they all refused to talk about the war afterwards.

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