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  1. chris.osborne.

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    Hi all,joined the forum to gain information on my dads regiment, which was the Sussex,although his family were born and bred Dorset folk.
    He was not a regular soldier but joined up for w.w.2 and was taken off Dunkirk beach being part of the British Expeditionary Force.
    Many thanks for your welcome,Chris.
  2. Interrogator#6

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    Hello Chris, and welcome. Wow, your father was taken off the beach. Did he tell any tales or was it, like so many others, too painful to relate?
  3. chris.osborne.

    chris.osborne. New Member

    Like getting blood from a stone trying to get him to talk,the only thing he did say was about the dive bombers machine gunning the beach and layer in life he told me he was taken off the beach via a small boat to a bigger one then on to Portsmouth,whether this was right I don't know because after reading books on Dunkirk seems like most went to Dover,perhaps he got transported there from Dover?
    Silly thing is I have a five year diary that he kept but most of the pages have been ripped out,still some snippets in there but most gone.
    Anyways thanks for your reply,Chris.

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