H.M. Drifter " City of Liverpool "

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    This is all I can find on this ship ..... can anybody tell me how she was lost please ? and/or anything on Moses Dewling ? :confused:

    I'd appreciate any help !

    In Memory of

    10559DA, H.M. Drifter "City of Liverpool.", Royal Naval Reserve
    who died age 24
    on 31 July 1918
    Son of David and Louise Dewling, of Trouty, Trinity, Newfoundland.

    Remembered with honour
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  3. liverpool annie

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    Thanks Hugh - and thanks for taking the time to look up the men for me !

    I appreciate it !

    It seems Walter Warzecha was a well decorated man !


    Did they scuttle her Hugh ?


    Annie :)
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  5. liverpool annie

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    Hi Hugh !

    I guess it was just the terminology that made me think they did it on purpose !! :eek:

  6. cally

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    Not at all Annie.

    Submarines were still relatively crude and dangerous at this time.

    Almost as many were lost by all sides because of mishaps during WW1 as there were to enemy action!!

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