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  1. Mike Rice

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    Just found this great site. My name is Mike, I'm from Indiana and enjoy both Civil and WW2 history, my main interest in military history is Germany during WW2. I come from a military background myself as I served eight years in the Army as a tanker with first the M60-A3 and then the M1-Abrams. I have done tours in Ft Knox here in the US along with Korea. Germany and the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. I currently have returned back to school and working on my graduate degree in biochemistry. Not really sure what more to add as I always been bad with these introduce yourself type threads, but it would be rude to join a new site and not do it either.
  2. RcNu

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    Cool, don't forget about the resent wars too.
  3. Mike Rice

    Mike Rice New Member

    Between serving in the Persian Gulf and knowing that and every war since has been about greed over oil, there really is no reason to remember much on it.
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    We're very glad you've chosen this site. Let me assure you that you've chosen correctly. Our database is rapidly expanding and we're looking for interested people such as yourself to join us. I hope you benefit and return the favor with contributions of your own!

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