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    I have written my first two articles on relatively unknown battles in the Great War that relate to the Canadian Expeditionary Force. I am on a quest for more and plan to do some more of these, so suggestions are welcome.

    I am not a book writer, so give me some slack. I have had to convert my scientific research capabilities to doing military history. I am trying to relate all my stories back to comments from the PRIME LEADERS (Haig, Currie, Foche, Ludenburg, etc.). I also have them tied them to Google Earth using circa 1900 war maps on modern satellite images.

    You can find my first two stories here:

    General Currie's First Stand - The Capture of Hill 70

    The Last Great Cavalry Charge - Moreuil Wood & Rifle Wood, March 1918

    As always, comments, criticisms, corrections and suggestions are always welcome.

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