German cities after the Second World War (19 pics)

Discussion in 'World War 2' started by David Layne, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. David Layne

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    Found this which is interesting.

    The 5th one I would imagine is pre war, I cannot imagine any major German city looking so pristine post war.

    I recognize Cologne, in some of them. Anyone any other ideas of the cities pictured?
  2. Antipodean Andy

    Antipodean Andy New Member

    An impressive and sobering set of photos.
  3. PaulCheall

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    I'd love to see these pics but the server the post is linking to crashed - I assume it is tempoorary and will try again later. Paul

  4. PaulCheall

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    Some of the terrain is quite flattened, others it still has some shape and is recognisable - great set of spires in Pic 3!
  5. martinww2

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    Some nice pictures indeed..
  6. Cobber

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    When i click on the link provided in the first post, I am sent to a site where it is showing young women.
  7. Oggie2620

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    I will have to go back into the Regiment archives cos there are some pictures of Berlin that I can take some copies of and post on here (if I can work it out!)...
  8. wayne400

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    I'm with Cobber, when I click on Davids link it takes me to a site showing lots of women.
  9. Tonym

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    Same here! Am I being a bit nieve or should "German cities after the Second World War" hhave a "T" instead of a "c"?
  10. Oggie2620

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  11. Cobber

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    I do not know what address others can see however the whole link that has appeared on my screen is
    German cities after the Second World War (19 pics) » - In fun we trust! Pictures, photos, videos, flash, games, celebs, hot stuff

    Thanks Oggie that link is working fine for me.
  12. Diptangshu

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