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    At this moment I am in chanakkale-Gallipoli- Turkey. I went to the war-museum and the British war-cemetry in Istanul I was also in the barracks of the turkish army in Istanbul. I was asked to write a book but I can't find more about my grandfather. Last thing is that he has been to Mesopotamia after Gallipoli.
    Is there somebody who can give me a list of prisoncamps in turkey and mesopotamia? My grandfather became a prisoner in Mesopotamia we think. It would be nice when I know were the camps were in Turkey. I do not know were he was in prison. I'm Dutch so my english isn't very good. My mother is 90 and the daughter of George Henri William Bibby, 7th North Staffordshire Regiment (private 7902) and later on Sapper at the Royal Engineers.( 357208)
    Who can help me to find something about him?
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    Re: 8 million men surrendered and were held in POW camps

    Hi JAVDBERG and welcome ! :)

    Are you sure this is the medal card of your Grandfather ?

    the initials here are G W W !

    Medal card of Bibby, George W W

    North Staffordshire Regiment 7902 Private
    Royal Engineers 357208 Private

    Do you have his medals at all ?

    Annie :)
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    Re: 8 million men surrendered and were held in POW camps

    I have sent a message to somebody who has the list of PoWs that was communicated by the Foreign Office on 21st Feb 1916, listing all British PoWs in Turkey known to the American Embassy in Constantinople, received through the American Ambassador in London on 18th Feb 1916.

    I'll let you know when I hear something OK ? :)

    Annie :)

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    Re: 8 million men surrendered and were held in POW camps

    I have his medalcards found in NA. But it is really George Henri william bibby. The H is looking like a W. 3 medals Victory, British and 15 star. What ever it means. You are very quick in finding. It cost me far more time!!

    JAVDBERG New Member

    The real medals are lost. Were did you see 1920. He left the army at oct. 1919. Date of entry therein: 26-10-15

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    Dear Annie
    Can you find another George Henry william Bibby in the North Staff.Regiment? I have a copy of the orig. card of the NA and the second letter is more a N than a H. But it must be him. He was married 5 of march 1915 and left for Gallipoli a few days later and became prison in Mesopotamia so the family tells.
    I think I have to go bed because it is one hour later here in Holland.
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    Hi Jacqueline

    I have found this "snippet " of information ...... 318 Gallipoli PoWs were interned at Kiangeri - they were transferred to Bozanti (terminus of the Anatolian Railway near the Taurus Mountains)

    Now I just have to see if there is a list of names ...... I'm waiting to hear from a person who may have a list .... fingers crossed !!

    Annie :)

    JAVDBERG New Member

    Dear Annie
    Thank you very much for your answer. George was at gallipoli but he also went to mesopotamia and that was after gallipoli so I do not think he was a prisonner in Gallipoli but in Mesopotamia. He cam 25 oct. 1915 in Gallipoli. While he had also a number of RE therefore I think he was wounded and after that he became a sapper 357208 at the RE. Than he went to Mesopotamia and was over there a POW. Don't you think so? I can't imagin how he came to Mesopotamia as he was captered in Gallipoli? I'm leaving sunday for Turkey Gallipoli.
    I have had a few names from the Imp Warmuseum of POWcamps in Turkey: Yozgad, Kastamuni, El Afulah, Broussa, Kara Hissar, Castemoni, Deringi, Semakh, Maadi, Afion Kara Hissar, Kastoumi.
    I have to llok them up at the map of turkey.
    Perhaps you hear something more about him and it is very thrilling to correspond with you about this all. Thnk you!
  9. liverpool annie

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    Hi Jacqueline !

    Sorry I wasn't able to get the information you wanted .... I am still waiting for people to get back to me !! :(

    You are probably home by now ... and I hope in good health in spite of the rain !!

    what happened ? were you able to find anything ?

    Annie :)

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