George Creel (December 1, 1876 – October 2, 1953) investigative journalist

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    George Creel was born in Layfayette County, Missouri, on 1st December, 1876. He worked as a reporter for the Kansas City World (1894-99) before starting his own newspaper, the Kansas City Independent in 1899.

    Creel also worked for the Denver Post (1909-10) and the Rocky Mountain News (1911-17) before President Woodrow Wilson appointed him head of the United States Committee on Public Information. He also organized a team of 18,000 public speakers in favour of the First World War.

    An active member of the Democratic Party, Creel ran against the novelist, Upton Sinclair, for the post of governor of California. George Creel, who was the author of fifteen books, including War Criminals and Punishment (1944), died in San Francisco on 2nd October, 1953.

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