General Officers of the Australian Imperial Force

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    Hello Spidge,

    Thank you for this great post re our Australian Generals. When you were researching General Monash, did you come across the file from the Censes Office re letters between the General and his family ? Even generals had their mail read by the C.O

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    Hi John,

    Apologies for the belated reply as I have been time poor for the past three months. I had not seen those letters - have you?



    I have four days straight off for Easter - Fantastic.
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    This is the file on Monash letters

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    From what I have read about Bennett and Blamey's relationship going back to pre WW1 days, they did not like each other at all, Blamey was peeved that Bennett got a field command in WW1.

    So when Blamey got command of the AIF in 1939 their was no way in heck that Bennett would get a combat command most especially as Blamey had Gen White in his pocket. White had taught Blamey most of what he knew on organisation of massed forces as Blamey took over Whites Job when White transferred with Birdy to Brit Army.
    And when he did get the 8th it went to Malaya, Blamey even in Dec 1941 was asking for the
    8th AIF to be moved to the Mid East command and come under his direct command, If he got his way Bennett would of been relieved very quickly.
    So when Bennett escaped from Singapore rightly or wrongly it was a true blue GODSEND for Blamey, he had Bennett over the hot plate and made him pay even years later.
    Bennett was given WA Command, important yet even in 42 the chance of a landing in force in the West was unlikely.
    I am glad they published his book and added some of his hints to training soldiers for warfare over IJAs,

    IMHO General Bennett was treated unduly harshly, it came down to a personality clash and his clash ended up becoming GOC 2nd AIF, even years later they still due to blamey were having all sorts of inquires and commissions saying he should of gone into the bag,
    Well whatever it is the duty of a Officer to escape from captivity ASAP, Bennett just left before taken POW, to me that's the way to go, the four (4) Malayan Harriers were four (4) Geelong boys who decided to escape from Singapore making their way any way they could, they ran into Bennett's underling who gave them some coins to help their escape, they made it home to OZ only to be degenerated and called cowards because they didn't just give up, they wanted to get home and fight another day well only one got sent to a Btn in PNG and his bosses treated him like shit because it had escaped Singapore on his file, crikey these men incl Bennett and his men should of been treated well, heroes almost they escaped and made their way home and it ain't a short boat trip.
    Only to be treated like scum.
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    All of them shared good information . Really its useful . it helps to know about general officers. Good thread .

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