General Hermann Kusmanek

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    I'd appreciate it if anybody can add anything to this post - especially the early life of General Hermann Kusmanek :)

    General Hermann Kusmanek was the commander of the garrison stationed in the fortress of Przemysl at the beginning of World War I. The study of the fortress' siege and surrender has undergone con-siderable change. The causes of its fall were accepted by most war scholars until the revisionists began an in-depth study of the siege in the 1930s, after which time the story of the "Lion of Przemysl" and his failures were sorted out and adequately explained. There are two accounts on this page - Bernard Pares' article typifies contemporary theories of the siege, and a description of the siege from a military standpoint follows.

    This blog is one I've been reading for some time .... interesting reading for both WW1 and WW2

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