Fortress of War (Brestskaya krepost)

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    Well, I've seen this movie a few months ago and I am wondering if any of you guys here know it? I really like war stories from eastern Europe. Story is set to June 1941 - the time of German invasion of Soviet Union (Barbarossa) and it's about a rest of russian crew of Brestskaya border fortress who defended it against Nazis for 9 days.
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    Yup, I know this battle. That fortress was built during the times of the Russian Empire. 1833, to be exact. Since then, it was rebuilt, reconstructed until 1914. Of course, in 1941, they held their defence heroically against the Nazis.

    It had 500 barracks, originally, that could include 12 000 people. The whole fortress belonged to Poland in 1939. That's when the first attack of the Germans in World War II happened. The General Plisovskiy lost about 40% of his troops before the fortress was taken by the Germans. Later on, when Poland got divided between the Nazi Germany and USSR, the Brest fortress became part of the Soviet Union.

    On the 22nd of June, 1941, when the Germans, once again, attacked the fortress, the Russians had 8 rifle battalions, 1 reconnaissance regiment, 1 artillery regiment and 2 batteries, some other additional detachments - about 9 000 soldiers altogether. From the German side, around 17 000 soldiers were participating. The Russians had to deflect 7-8 attacks a day. 5-6 thousand Russians were captured in that battle. Others were fighting till the end, as one of the last captions on the walls was saying: "I'm dying, but not giving up. Farewell, Motherland."

    I watched the same film - it's pretty accurate, in my opinion. I liked it.

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