First Barbary (Tripolitian) War

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  1. The First Barbary (Tripolitian) War (1801-1805) was the first Congress-authorized war that the United States fought away from her boundaries. The war was enacted because Ottoman empire pirates had attacked and captured American ships, and were holding sailors as hostages. They had been doing this to European nations for centuries. Following a few ship battles, eight United States Marines travelled on foot with 500 hired mercenaries to the city Tripolitian city of Derna, where the captured it. This was the first foreign victory for America, and the first time our flag was raised on foreign soil. This was the turning point of the war, and American victory soon followed. The line: "the shores of Tripoli" is sung in the Marine's Hymn, signifying this war.
    Why are more people not aware of the first battle we fought as a free nation? Were you aware of it? What are your thoughts?

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