Details on the Alonzo Cushing Medal of Honor

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Well the details have finally been announced for Alonzo Cushing's Medal of Honor. President Obama will be presenting it at the White House on November 6th. Some of Cushing's family members will be in attendance.

    1st Lieutenant Cushing served with the 4th US Artillery in Battery A. It took 15 decades for this well deserved medal to be bestowed. I guess some would say "better late than never" but I'm of the mind that it should have been done 150 years ago.

    I was thinking it should be done at Gettysburg but then I realized that considering how congested the place is on a "normal" day, that wouldn't have been so great... and I'm not sure when my November "on site" trip will be, so I sure wouldn't have wanted to find myself in the middle of a secret service nightmare... so doing it at the White House is fine. :D

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