Commander Elmer Fowler Stone, USCG - 1887-1936

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    Behind the controls of the U.S. Navy seaplane NC-4 when it made its historic crossing of the Atlantic was a Coast Guard officer, Commander E. F. "Archie" Stone. He was the pilot and navigator on this first successful trans-Atlantic flight. Elmer Fowler Stone was born in Livingstone, New York, on 22 January 1887. His family moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 1895. Stone attended high school in Norfolk, Virginia, and after graduating, began work as a stereotypist. In 1910, at the age of 23, he qualified as a cadet in the Revenue Cutter Service of the United States after passing the required examinations, scoring higher than any other applicant that year. He was appointed as a cadet on 30 April 1910 in the Revenue Cutter Service's School of Instruction. He graduated three years later, on 7 June 1913, and was commissioned as a third lieutenant in the Revenue Cutter Service.

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