Churchill's Forgotten Hero

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    This is interesting ..... photos of a letter to Churchill's forgotten hero !

    A previously unknown letter from Winston Churchill has been discovered during an investigation into Edward Harrison, the World War I army chemist credited with the invention of the gas mask.

    Annie :)
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    Well, just couple of infos more ..
    Lt Col Edward Harrison CMG, joined army when he was over 45yrs. in Pals Battalion. However, during the testing of their recently invented 'box respirator' against lethal chemical agents, he alongwith his team members locked themselves in a room, filled with such harmfull gasses. The 'mask' proved an effective one.
    On his death, Churchill wrote to Harrison's widow '' ... because although it cost Harrison his own life, his invention saved millions more ... and that he would have been promoted to Brigadier general in charge of all chemical warfare.
    His son too, died at the battle of Somme.
    Lt Col Harrison buried at Brompton cemetery with full military honors.
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