Captain Baron Trevenen James, (1889 - 1915). RFC

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    Royal Engineers {attached Royal Flying Corps)
    Newlands cs'-oj* ( ? ) Aged 26 July 13th, 1915

    Eldest son of Dr. C. A. James and of Annie Lucy James, and grandson of the Rev. W. Philipson, Rector of Bradley, Lincolnshire.
    Entrance Scholar. Head of his House. Monitor, 1906. R.M.C., Woolwich, 1907.

    Captain James, after being a short time at Gosport, worked for nearly two years at Dover under General Ffowke ; he was then attached to the Royal Flying Corps. In the early summer of 1914 he fitted his aeroplane for wireless signalling and was made Captain and Flight-Commander in November of that year. He flew over to France in the first week of the War and signalled first for the French Artillery, and then for the British. He was twice " mentioned in Despatches," and received the Military Cross in June, 1915, for work done at Hooge and Festubert.

    Lieut.-Colonel Buske, commanding 2nd Wing R.F.C., wrote : —

    " He was ranging a battery and was being heavily shelled. The machine was hit by a shell and was seen to dive to the ground from a great
    height. The Germans dropped a note saying that he was dead when he fell. . . . It is rarely given that one so young should be able to play such an important part in this tremendous struggle, but he did, and did it well. . . . His splendid combination of brain and nerve made him an invaluable Officer."

    Major G. S. Shephard writes : —

    " It is impossible to speak too highly of his work as an officer, and it is not too much to say that in his line, artillery observation, he was quite the most competent officer in the Flying Corps. . . . We are indebted to him not only for all his flying out here, but also for his work and the experiments he carried out before the War."

    " He was so well known for all the work he had done, and it was quite appreciated here that he had been the pioneer in wireless ranging with artillery — that our first successes in this were owing to him. The Army Commander has written about him to Headquarters to that effect."


    Full text of "Harrow memorials of the great war : August 23rd, 1914, to March 20th, 1915"

    In Memory of
    M C, Twice Mentioned in Despatches
    6th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps
    and , Royal Engineers
    who died age 26
    on 13 July 1915
    Son of Charles Alfred James, M.R.C.S., and Annie Lucy James.

    Remembered with honour

    British Air War Pioneer

    Who's who in World War One - Google Book Search

    Captain Baron Trevenen James, (1889 - 1915).

    Royal Engineers/Royal Flying Corps.

    Baron James' involvement with the Great War was brief but it was highly productive.
    On the 13th July 1915 he was killed by a shell fired at his aircraft whilst he flew a solo test mission over the enemy lines. He was evaluating wireless equipment that had been largely developed by himself and Captain Donald Swain Lewis, RFC. One of his enduring achievements was the development of the 'clock code' that established the relative positions of targets for the artillery. The practice became widely used during the War for other applications, and is still widely used.

    The fate of James' colleague and close collaborator, Donald Lewis, was even, if possible, more ill-fated: Lewis was shot down on the 10th April 1916 by the very guns of the battery with which he had been co-operating.

    Notable Individuals Of The Great War

    Official Notices.
    f~i. Elections.—Members: Christian H. Gray and Lieut. Baron
    Trevenen James, R. E. Student: Harold Grinsted,

    1914 | 0428 | Flight Archive
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    Seat of your pants stuff, Annie. Literally!

    A pioneer in more ways than one:
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    I remember reading about the clock system in Barker's history of the RFC. Such a simple idea, and yet so effective
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    I have a photo of a 2nd Lt.James 67th Field Coy RE taken in Newark 4th April 1915 I had thought he was Baron Trevenen James but reading about him above, the dates don't seen to fit
    I am researching the men of the 67th FC RE who are remembered on a memorial in St Marys Church Newark

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