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    The myKawartha has posted three video interviews with veterans. Click on the link beneath each bio for the video link:

    War Stories: George Squanz |VIDEO - myKawartha

    War Stories: Esther Might |VIDEO - myKawartha
    (also has some nice photos)

    War Stories: Cleve Gallagher |VIDEO - myKawartha
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    Great to have these first hand accounts on "film".
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    This past spring I digitized all the 1990 and 2000 era interviews that the Milton Historical Society completed with the WWII veterans that were living in town.

    The links to all of these, plus details about the project are here:

    The Milton Historical Society: MHS Remembers Project

    I uploaded all of these to after I completed the digitization, just to make sure that they would always be available. Keeping them on a "local site" means they die when the site dies, but the are likely to survive.

    This is but one of a number of projects I am working on for the MHS, so come pay a visit to the site if you want to see more!
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    Nice project! :)
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    The Battle at Vimy Ridge is considered to be the pinnacle of Canadian military achievements, showing our fearlessness and strategic aptitude on the vanguards of war.

    Canada, under the command of Lieutenant-General Julian Byng, included over 100,000 Canadians in four divisions rushing the ridge behind a barrage of artillery shelling so as to create a “creeping barrage” for advancing troops.

    The campaign had a heavy price, costing over 10,000 Canadian casualties. However, the Canadians were able to secure victory and cemented the first true Allied Victory in the Great War, with the Canadian-pioneered technique subsequently used by both sides.
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    Thank you so much for this post. Learning history is part of growing up in America. I have always found it strange that i can tell you more about Japanese and German war stories than i can about Canadian and Mexican. These two are the closest to me and yet we are barely taught anything about them. I am from the school of thought that to be better neighbors you first need to know a little about each other. I am sure that in both Mexico and Canada they are taught all about American war. So..again. Thank you for this posts. I now know more than i did when i first came to this forum today...and that is a start!
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