british soldier in Hamm/Westf. Germany

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    Dear all,
    I am absolutely new in this forum an d I am hoping for help.
    My Grandma lived in Germany in Hamm/Westphalia in 1947 and met a brtitish soldier.
    After a short romance she remarked to be pregnant.
    She only knows his name "Benny" but no family name and even not sure whether this is only a nickname. He was based in Hamm-Mark and worked as a truck driver for the supplies. In July or August 1947 he was suddenly send back to UK becaus he was involved in an accident with a female victim who died. That is all she can remember.
    Now I have the hope that anybody her can help me. Perhabs somebody knows which regiments were based in Hamm during this time or where I can ask for further information.
    Please excuse my English and faults :) and thanks a lot for your support!

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