Beautiful Gettysburg This Morning (w/Photo)

Discussion in 'Civil War' started by Kate, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    It's always so hard for me to leave Gettysburg... I should move there. Truly! But anyhow, this is what I saw on the early morning battlefield this morning. I usually get treated to either fog or a beautiful sunrise every time I'm there.

  2. preacherbob50

    preacherbob50 Active Member

    A lot of symbolism in the picture, Kate. Instead of giving the analytical view that I have on most things I see I'll just say, "Great Pic!" I love the early morning fog and the soldierless cannons. Quiet! Peaceful! Without the cannons, you would never know that there was ever any kind of death and destruction in the history of that plot of land. Good shot Kate.
  3. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    It really always is peaceful there, @preacherbob50 . Yesterday morning was even more peaceful than usual. I still love it when there are a bajillion and eleventy people in town (and endless buses filled with school kids) but sometimes like yesterday morning it's just perfect.

    The only sounds I heard while walking through that thick fog were leaves crunching as the squirrels were having their early-morning playtime. :) At least I *hope* it was squirrels! hehe
  4. We are taking a trip that way in 2016. Beautiful picture. Gettysburg is one of the most famous battle sites in the world. As an avid metal-detecting hobbyist, I have always wanted to go there. I think it is illegal now to remove items, however. But from what I hear, souvenir-hunters pretty much have picked it clean anyway.
  5. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    You will love it, @primalclaws1974 ... just do thorough research because there's so much to miss if one isn't prepared.

    Metal detecting, eh? :eek: Yep, you'll have to leave that puppy at home unless you want to be run out of town by the park service after your tarring and feathering. Seriously though, strictly prohibited, and I can't even begin to imagine the destruction to this hallowed ground if they'd allow it.

    It *is* a burial ground, after all... many parts of the field like Iverson's Pits and parts of Culp's Hill, etc. still hold remains.
  6. I suppose any battlefield would be considered hallowed ground or a cemetery, figuratively, if not literally. I never thought about bones still being there, but many were left on the battlefields, never to be recovered. America was so different back then. I am glad that I will never see a war being fought out my backdoor like they did back then, and many of the other countries of the world in modern times.
  7. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    I think any battleground is hallowed ground, yes. But they aren't all burial grounds... at least I think not. We're talking more than 10k Gettysburg deaths in that little town in a span of three days. They were buried where they fell. Ten *thousand.*

    Immediately following, many were re-interred to the National Cemetery... many were re-interred and sent back or picked up by family to their home states... and many of the Confederate soldiers were painstakingly re-interred and sent back to their families for burial or to Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

    But not all. Some are still there... you feel it when you walk the grounds... I can't explain it, but you feel it. The last time a soldier was found was 1996. Yes, that "19" is right... just 18 years ago. He was in the railroad cut.

    As for never seeing a war fought out your backdoor... you sure?
  8. I know a large number of bodies were never recovered in the Civil War. It happens in modern wars. Sometimes bodies are even found and cannot be identified, because of damage or decomposition, or other reasons. Unknown soldier graves are still being created. As for the question, yes I am certain no country has or ever will invade mainland America.
  9. Kate

    Kate Active Member

    Ah... you had said you knew you'd never see a war being fought outside your back door and we'd been talking about Gettysburg and the Civil War in the Civil War section of the forum, so that's what I thought you were referring to. And of course, that's never a guarantee... what if New Jersey wants to break off at some point for example? ;)

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