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    One of the chaps I'm researching perished on Ballai Island. Has any research been done since the war to identify the bodies and perhaps throw some light onto the identities of those massacred and those who may have died earlier during the construction of the airfield?

    He was Bombadier John Hall Bragg.
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    Thanks for that. Problem is that book and Kill All The Prisoners doesn't really cover Ballale for obvious reasons. No-one survived and all the records were destroyed.
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    A couple of photos which may be of interest.

    (1) Is the location - 500ks SSE of Rabaul or halfway Rabaul to Guadalcanal.

    (2) A picture of the island from circa 1943.

    View attachment 3413

    View attachment 3415
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    There are some investigation files at the Australian Archives, but unfortunately theu have not been digitised yet. You could request copies though

    Go to:
    National Archives of Australia - Login

    Click Guest

    Enter Ballale in the search box
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    Thanks guys.

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