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    A useful link, Owen.

    I have been passed/on the intersection listed as being where the Pakenham military museum is but must be driving with my eyes shut as have not seen the museum yet! However, there is a Lighthorse museum/memorial several kilometres down the road so...
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    Is there a "Melways" required Andy?
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    Dunno, Geoff. Have only seen a sign to it near the Princes freeway. However, I need a Melways and a GPS just to try to get around Melbourne!
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    McMillan Light Horse and Military Museum
    256 Queen Street, Maryborough, QLD 4650
    p: (07) 4123 3774

    Run by Rob McMillan-Kay, a Viet Nam Veteran, the Light Horse Museum is co-located with the historic Mavis Banks House, which contains all sorts of antiques and household relics of yesteryear. Big deal you may say. But consider this... how many times have you been on a trip with the missus and have visited a military museum only to be dragged away under protest because it is "boring"?

    Rob McMillan-Kay has done us all a favour by colocating his excellent museum with something which will keep the gentler sex well and truly occupied with fine antique clothing, doilies antique household appliances and more.

    The Museum is a Light Horse museum which covers ALH from the Boer War through to the present day. Rob's WWII collection in particular is an eye opener, displaying many relics from local WWII army camps in addition to the fine WWII display itself.

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