Augsburg Raid April 17, 1942

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    Uh, boy, sniper, I totally missed notification for sorry...Please feel free to post anything related to the Augsburg Raid, April 17 WW2. We're here to honour the brave fellows in any way we can. J.J.
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    Can you let me know what Squadrons were involved in the raid. I will then check out where they are all buried or remembered and see if i have the photos in my archives.

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    Hi J.J.

    I see this is an old thread, but I hope it's ok to add another name and face to the roll of honour of this infamous WW2 raid.
    This is F/O Alexander Gerrie.
    Alex was my grandmother's fiancé and was K.I.A. with the rest of the crew of Nick Sandford's Lancaster at Ormes.
    Even up until her death a month ago, aged 94, my grandmother would cry for the loss of this handsome young man.
    I think your tribute to your mother's fiancé is terrific. I hope I can do the same for Alex. He was much loved and has never been forgotten.

    Coincidentally, I grew up in a neighbouring village to Bert Crum, but sadly I never knew him. I wish I had. I discovered through research in later years that he bravely tried to help the crew of Nick's Lancaster after crash landing his own plane. To think I lived just round the corner from him all those years and never had the chance to say thank you. What an incredibly brave group these boys were.

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