Augsburg Raid April 17, 1942

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    Hello all...I have posted a site with Mom's first fiance, Sgt. Brian Ignatius Joseph Daly Remember Site
    He was K.I.A. in the Augsburg raid of 17/4/42. There would probably be a lot of information to be found about that raid....or perhaps more on Brian himself, and I invite you to please find it for me, so that I can post a link back to this thread for reference...
    I already have a link to some of the Lost Bombers & bombercommand-Augsburg information.
    I will thank you all in advance for now, as too many interruptions might spoil the thread! I will add a thank you once all resources seem exhausted. Gratefully yours, J.J.
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    What a lovely remembrance JJ !!!!!

    That page is smashing ! .... I can tell how proud you are ! :)

    I found this ... but I think you already have this ... but I'll post just in case ! You may find out a little more by tracking the others in the crew .... though you've probably done that too !! :doh:

    Serial No - L7536
    Date - 17 April 1942
    Type - Lancaster
    Service History - Started out as Manchester MkI, 44 Sqn del'd 28-12-41 KM-H
    Classification - Shot Down
    Night/Day Raid - Day
    Target/Tasking - Augsburg
    SOC/Crash Site - Vieil-Evreux, France
    Crew Names - Sgt. G.T. Rhodes +; Sgt. L.H. Baxter, RNZAF +; Sgt. B.I.J. Daly +; Sgt. C.L. Merricks +; Sgt. J.A.
    Wynton +; F/Sgt. G.A. Edwards +; F/Sgt. H.V. Gill + apr42.pdf

    Sergeant L. H. Baxter; born New Plymouth, 11 Dec 1918; clerk; joined RNZAF Jan 1941; killed on air operations, 17 Apr 1942.

    CHAPTER 12 — Heavier Bombing Raids—Advent of No. 487 Squadron | NZETC

    Annie :)
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    The Augsburg Raid, April 17th 1942 Wing Commander Rod Rodley DSO DFC AE

    Personal stories | Dangers of war
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    Heres a few quotes .......

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    My Dad was a stamp collector ... so I have a soft spot for First Day Covers and Commemorative stamps ... thought this maybe of interest !

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    Please note that each name is linked to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Starting with Daly's lost crew, so that full names can be found....

    Squadron 44 KM-H - Lanc L7536 - Crash Site: Vieil-Evreux, France link to lost bombers
    + 1. Sgt. George Thomas RHODES - Pilot
    + 2. Sgt. Lawrence Heaton BAXTER - Pilot RNZAF
    + 3. Sgt. Brian Ignatius Joseph DALY - Nav.
    + 4. Sgt. John Alfred WYNTON - W.Op./ Air Gnr.
    + 5. Sgt. Cyril Leonard MERRICKS - W.Op./ Air Gnr.
    + 6. F/Sgt. Henry Verdun GILL - Air Gnr
    + 7. F/Sgt. George Alfred EDWARDS - Air Gnr

    Squadron 44 KM-P - Lanc R5506 - Crash Site: Ormes, France link to lost bombers
    + 1. F/L Reginald Robert SANDFORD DFC - Pilot
    + 2. P/O Hurworth Anthony Paul PEALL - pilot
    + 3. F/O Alexander GERRIE - Obs
    + 4. Sgt. George William James HADGRAFT - W.Op./ Air Gnr.
    + 5. Sgt. Peter Johannes VENTER - W.Op./ Air Gnr
    + 6. F/Sgt. Leonard LAW - Bomb Aimer / Air Gnr.
    + 7. Sgt. Robert Edward WING - Air Gnr.

    Squadron 44 KM-T - Lanc 7548 Prisoners of War - Crash Site: Ormes, France link to lost bombers
    ~1~W/O H.V. Crum, DFM - P.O.W.
    ~2~ Sgt. A.D.C. Dedman - P.O.W.
    ~3~Sgt. N.T. Birkett - P.O.W.
    ~4~F/Sgt. J. Saunderson - P.O.W.
    ~5~ Sgt. Bertram Arthur Dowty - P.O.W. -R.I.P. 2004
    ~6~Sgt. J. Miller - P.O.W.
    ~7~Sgt. A. Cobb - P.O.W.

    Squadron 44 KM-V - Lanc L7565 - Crash Site: Tilleul-Lambert, France - link to lost bombers
    + 1. W/O John Frank BECKETT, DFM - Pilot
    + 2. Sgt. Brian Douglas MOSS - Pilot
    + 3. F/Sgt. Alfred Edgar ROSS RCAF - Air Obs.
    + 4. Sgt. Bryden Grange SEAGOE - W.Op / Air Gnr.
    + 5. Sgt. John Henry HACKETT - W.Op./ Air Gnr.
    + 6. Sgt. Richard Lattimore TRUSTRAM - W.Op./ Air Gnr.
    + 7. Sgt. Alfred James HARRISON - Air Gnr.

    Squadron 44 KM-A - Lanc R5510 - Crash Site: Augsburg, Germany link to lost bombers
    ~1~ F/O A. F. Garwell - DFC DFM P.O.W.
    ~2~ Sgt. L.L. Dando - DFM P.O.W.
    ~3~ Sgt. F.S. Kirke -RNZAF DFM P.O.W.
    ~4~ Sgt. J. Watson DFM P.O.W.
    + 5. F/Sgt. FLUX, ROBERT JAMES, DFM - W.Op.
    + 6. F/Sgt. Douglas Haig McALPINE RCAF - Air Gnr.
    + 7. Sgt. Ivor EDWARDS - Air Gnr

    L7573 K S/L Sherwood DFC, P/O Webb, F/O Hepburn, Sgts Page, Cox, F/Sgt Harrington, F/Sgt Wilding. Up 1455. Formation leader / Shot down over target - link to lost bombers
    R5537 B F/O Hallows, P/O Friend, P/O Cutting, F/Sgt Louch, Sgts L.G.Jones, Broomfield, Goacher. . returned
    R5488 F F/O Rodley, P/O Colquhoun, Sgts Henley, Merralls, Cummings, Ratcliffe, Crisp. returned
    R5496 U F/L Penman DFC, P/O Hooey, P/O Ifould, F/Sgt Elwood, Sgts Tales, Overton, Hebdon. returned
    L7575 Y F/O Deverill DFM, Sgt Cooper, P/O Butler, Sgts Irons, Mackay, Devine, F/Sgt Keane. returned

    R5513 P W/O Mycock DFC, Sgt Hayes, W/O Harrison, Sgts Eades, Macdonald, Shelley, Donoghue. shot down near target link to lost bombers
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    Autumn 2004
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    The Augsburg raid of 1942 was one of the most daring and heroic missions ever undertaken by RAF Bomber Command

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    I don't know if you know this already JJ ... or even if you want to know ..... but I thought you maybe interested !!

    Walter "Gulle" Oesau

    Aces of the Luftwaffe - Walter Oesau
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    44 Sqn aircraft -
    Warrant Officer G. T. Rhodes, L7536 H (Crew lost, shot down by Major Oesau)
    Flying Officer J. Garwell DFC DFM, R5510, A (3 Crew lost, shot down by AA over target)
    Flight Lieutenant N. Sandford, R5506, P (Crew Lost, shot down by Feldwebel Bosseckert)
    Warrant Officer J. E. Beckett, L7565, V (Crew Lost, shot down by Hauptmann Heine Greisert )
    Warrant Officer H. V. Crum in L7548, T (Crew POW, shot down by Unteroffizier Pohl)

    97 Sqn Aircraft -
    Squadron Leader J. S. Sherwood DFC in Lancaster L7573, OF-K. (crew lost, shot down by AA over target)
    Warrant Officer Mycock DFC in Lancaster, R5513, P (crew lost, shot down by AA over target)
    Flying Officer E. A. Deverill DFM (RTB, severely damaged)
    Wing Commander Rod Rodley DSO
    Flight Lt Hallows,
    Flight Lt Penman DFC
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    Brian Ignatius Joseph Daly - K.I.A. Augsburg Raid

    I never remembered they didn't have his information on the CWGC site ..I put the link there years ago so here is his birth registered in the Sept. quarter of 1919 in Pancras district
    Daly, Brian I J ( mother O 'Flaherty ) vol. 1b page-185 ...he was 23 the same age as mum...
    ( also a birth for Dympna M C Daly in Hampstead ...Mum had a long letter from his sister )

    and this marriage of his parents Sept. quarter of 1918
    Elizabeth T O'Flaherty and Michael L J Daly / St Martin district / vol.1a page-1387
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    Oh, this is fabulous, thank you so much, Annie! I have now posted a link to this thread from my site...I am sure it will become a great resource for those looking for the Augsburg raid....

    I was just putting the full names of the 44 Sqdn onto a reply when it all disappeared ! Yikes...thank goodness it was just you pasying earlier postings above me...and I was just put back several replies... whew...
    I am going to probably add the 97 Sqdn to that reply as well, but eyes sore now, from back & forth from CWGC site., so will add another time. I think the men had different jobs on that day, than normal, as you will notice few are down as bomb aimers or navigators....but if more is found I'll add to the list.

    I am glad I made this thread for another reason, finding Brian's age & parents.... :hug: J.J.

    B.T.W. re: post#11 realize Oesau was just doing his duty as were they all, sadly
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    Do you have photos of the cemetery JJ ? maybe thats the next thing to find !! :)

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    done... thanks annie

    Would you mind deleting that reply and I'll delete these 2 as well, to clean up the thread as more of a resource....less junky...
    Thanks much
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    Hi JJ !

    S/Ldr. Sherwood’s wife lived at the Station (Woodhall Spa) and when crews confirmed to her they saw his Lancaster explode when crashing and he was dead, she refused to believe it. Consequently a couple of months later it was established he was a POW. When the plane crashed, he was thrown out from the burning Lancaster, still stuck in his seat, but doesn’t remember it. All the rest of his crew were killed. Sherwood was awarded his DSO and Penman was awarded VC

    BBC - WW2 People's War - The 'Augsburg Raid'
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    Hubert Victor Crum D.F.M, (09 OCT1919 -16 NOV1990), Augsberg Raid

    Hubert Victor Crum D.F.M, (09 OCT1913 -16 NOV1990), lived in my village. He was well known and very modest about his WWII activiities , his brother, George Edward Crum, a former policeman, was killled training with the Fleet Air Arm in Pensacola in WWII. When Hubert Victor returned from POW camp the local newspaper announced that he weighed 7 stone. Many of the family still live around here. A great man and another of those quiet heroes we would pass in the street without knowing the story behind the man.
    He is buried in St. Nicholas's Church, Trellech, Monmouthshire.
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    Thank you for your welcome addition to the Augsberg Raid thread, honouring members of your community, WWII veteran Hubert Victor Crum & his fallen brother George Edward Crum. all the best, J.J.
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    Hi JJ,
    Do you have photos of the graves of the brave airmen that lost thier lives on this raid? If not i can see what i have in my archives and let you have any i have.


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