Amazing WW1 footage of 6th battalion Durham Light Infantry leaving Station.

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    SPARTYGUSS New Member

    Hi All,
    lovely footage hope you enjoy. Lest we forget.

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  2. Margaret

    Margaret New Member

    Thanks for the memories! I grew up in Consett and my Father was four years old when WWI broke out.

    I recognised the old Walter Wilsons supermarket and the Blackhill Train Station. Interesting video beginning at the lower part of Delves Lane, up into Consett, down Front Street and on past the Grove and Moorside etc. Some changes but not enough that I cannot recognise the old home town.

    Enjoyed watching everything. Thanks again.

  3. Alexander

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    SPARTYGUSS New Member

    Hi Margaret,
    Thanks for the comment glad you enjoyed the videos. I have lived in Consett town all my life, Consett has seen many changes over the years some good and some not so. I love the place as its only 2 mins from wonderful countryside and the beautiful walks along the river Derwent.
    :) Regards Gary.

    SPARTYGUSS New Member

    Cracking north east lingo, love it, I bet not many can understand the words on wor nanny's a mazer . Great stuff thanks for posting.
    :) Gary.
  6. nailah783

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    These videos makes me feel really nostalgic. I think that it is great to have a look back and see how many brave men went off to fight for our freedoms and liberties. We can never forget where we come from or we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.

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