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Discussion in 'World War 2' started by Lawrence1967, Feb 13, 2016.

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    This one is particularly interesting in that it appears to be part of the Romanian forces:


    Would you have an details on when/where this photo was taken?
  3. Theodore Rainford

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    This is nice it gives me an insight of the makeup and the complexity of some of the equipment that was used during that period. I wish however that there were some narration included with each photo, however, thanks for the information anyway.
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    You guys need to understand that our poster "Lawrence1967" makes the same posts in 20 plus forums and in multiple net IDs. He is not going to answer you, he does not discuss or provide further information. He posts, then starts preparing his post for the next time - and truth be known quite often recycles his previous posts from years past. He is, plain and simple, a spammer seeing to run up the click count on his website so his advertisers pay him. Once you understand, everything falls into place.
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    That is sad to hear. I will say his collection of photos are pretty good. I'd say at about 50% of them I had not seen, or at least don't recall, and I've been studying the War years for decades now. But, a spammer is never a good thing. Anywhere.
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    True he's propably a spammer, or a spam-ish blogger because these albums have obviously been made with sincere effort, but don't think I want people to stop discussing them altogether. Looking at these pictures is really thought provoking.
    If you guys feel we shouldn't vamp his posts on grounds of being a spammer, maybe we could open new topics on WWII aircrafts and weaponry.

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