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    I am wondering if anyone knows of any information of the 51st Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment. We were going through some old papers of my mum's mum and found my great granddad's (William Wilks) transfer to reserve demobilisation papers. Unfortunately we are unable to trace any further military activity of him. The information is as follows:

    Regtl No: 26984
    Name in Full (Surname first): Wilks William Redvers George
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Unit and regiment/corps from which transferred to reserve: 51st Bn Royal Sussex
    Enlisted on the 26th March 1918 for Royal Sussex Regiment
    Also Served in EOL or EOT (could be the commanding officers siguature as this is all that is written in this section)
    Medals and Decorations awarded during present engagement: Nil
    Place of rejoining in case of emergency: Shorncliffe
    Specialist Military Qualification: Gas Corporal
    Medical Category: A1
    Year of Birth: 1900
    He is transferred to Army Reserve on 8th? November 1919 in consequence of demobilization
    Officer I/c no 2 July?
    Records: Hounslow

    Also on his demobilization paper it did say he was sent abroad and if this is right with the research I have done the 51st. 52nd and 53bn of the Royal Sussex Regiment were sent to Germany from as part of the 107th Division in the Eastern Part of the Rhineland for a in March to August in 1919. We do have a photo of him in his uniform as a private (my dad was in the army cadets and identified him as a private). My mum's mum has a photo of William Wilks in front of tents, which we assume is in Germany?

    I would be grateful if anyone can give me any information about the 51st Regiment or of William Wilks. I will be paying a trip to Chichester Record Office as that is where the archives of the Royal Sussex Regiment is held. I have got in contact with Eastbourne Redoubt Fortress and Military Museum and they haven't even heard of the 51st Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment.

    If anyone has any knowledge of anything, no matter how small about the 51st Battalion have please leave a message as me and my mum would both like some answers about the battalion.

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