2nd battalion rifle brigade 7th aug 1916. where were you?

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    Hello, i had a great uncle who`s name was Louis Romanini service no: s/14862 who died on monday the 7th august 1916 on the somme. i have found his grave in Vermelles cemetry (which next year i shall visit) and i cannot find-out where he died, the nearest i can get is somewhere near Pozieres. If this is so then why is his grave about 50 miles away? he was in the 2nd battalion rifle brigade 8th division 25th brigade 4th army under general Rawlinson as i beleive.
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    Dont know if this is any help, but my great grandfather was in 2nd bt rifle brigade and "died in a subsiduary battle of the battle of loos in october 1915". The rifle brigade became the green Jackets, and they hold burial records and war diaries for the 2nd bt. They charge for searches though. Hope this helps.
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    have since found-out that the 2nd btn riffle brigade were withdrawn from their attack on Ovillers and moved to Long Valley. Then on the 3.7.1916 the btn left Dernacourt by train to Ailly-Sur-Somme. After that period i have no idea what happened to them until they had another 239 casualties in an attack on Zenith Trench near Lesbaeufs on the 23.10.1916. If anyone can inform me as to where they were and what happened i would be very grateful. All i know is that he was burried in Vermelles british cemetary, so im guessing there was a battle in Vermelles. Cheers. Tony Ferrari.

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