2 Lt William Stanley Pullen 206 TDS, RAF

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    I found some notices of which this is one .... I thought maybe this will help someone researching !

    12 June 1918 - 2 Lt William Stanley Pullen, 206 TDS, RAF (Eastbourne), aged 18, whoes parents lived at Aston Manor, Birmingham, was killed whilst practising his third landing of the evening. His aircraft, an Avro 504A (D1606), had been built at EAC. When turning to come down, he involuntarily stalled his engine causing the aircraft to dive into the ground near to the Aylesbury Dairy, Langney, from a height of about 250 ft. The pilot was unconscious when Charles Colbran, employed at the dairy, reached the crash site and he died some forty minutes later. The accident was found to be due to the pilot`s error of judgement and a verdict of death from misadventure was recorded. Pullen was taken to Upton-cum-Chalvey (Slough) for burial.

    Eastbourne Gazette 19 June 1918.
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    EAC = Eastbourne Aviation Co Ltd. It probably wasn't necessary to explain this to contemporary readers.

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    I also found this ... but I'm not a member .... so I couldn't get it .... but maybe somebody else can !

    Casualties Jun 1918 - 12 Jun. 2 Lt. PULLEN, WILLIAM STANLEY. 206 Training Depot Station. Upton-cum-Chalvey (St Mary) Churchyard



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