2 Lt Victor Raleigh Craigie of No 92 Sqn - Boston Mass.

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    In Memory of
    Second Lieutenant VICTOR RALEIGH CRAIGIE

    92nd Sqdn., Royal Air Force
    who died age 26
    on 07 April 1918
    Son of the late Capt. Horace Walpole Craigie and Elizabeth Craigie.

    Remembered with honour

    Captain Norman Herbert England, and 2Lt Clifford Hackman of No 92 Sqn RAF, were killed in an accident while flying at 30 feet over Tangmere in Avro 504 B986 on 7 April 1918. The Avro collided with Sopwith Pup B5269, flown by 2Lt Victor Raleigh Craigie of No 92 Sqn, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, who was also killed.


    It seems he wanted to get into the war very badly !! ..... nice looking man too .... ( bit like David Niven ! )

    Victor Raleigh Craigie 2Lt, Royal Air Force Killed in accident, April 7 1918 Son of Capt. Horace Walpole Craigie (of the British Army)

    http://books.google.com/books?id=Y9...=1#v=onepage&q=Victor Raleigh Craigie&f=false

    Victor Raleigh Craigie, Attended 1913-1914; Died: 7 April 1918 Photo number 164 Box 3


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